Klymaxx is an American all-female Pop and R&B band from Los Angeles, California. Created and formed in 1979 by producer/drummer Bernadette Cooper, the group made history as the first all-female pop music band, in which every woman played an instrument and they were the only all-female R&B band to go Multi-Platinum. Recording artist, producer, composer, musician, entertainer, and founder of Klymaxx – Bernadette Cooper has a career spanning almost 40 years. Bernadette provided the greater part of the production, writing, and charisma of the band from the very beginning. While she was in college, she had an epiphany to start an all-female band that could rock just as hard as the guys, while remaining sexy and empowered. Bernadette succeeded at doing just that, and soon Dick Griffey, the founder of Solar/ MCA, signed the ladies to the label. She went on to write and produce for many artists including Bette Midler, Salt-N-Pepa, Lenny Kravitz, and most notably her own vanity group, Madame X on Atlantic records. Klymaxx is synonymous with such chart hits as “The Men All Pause”, “Meeting in The Ladies Room”, “Sexy”, “I’d Still Say Yes”, “Divas Need Love Too”, and the band’s biggest hit – the top five pop Billboard single – “I Miss You”. A Klymaxx performance is a high-energy, entertaining show with female musicians performing all the hits with commanding vocals and awesome stage presence. Klymaxx, featuring Bernadette Cooper, offers the perfect combination of upbeat dance songs and signature ballads that resonate with audiences of any age who are fans of R&B and Pop music. In addition to the classic hits, the production showcases an incredible live band that rivals the pure musicianship of any all-star band playing today. This is a perfect show for a casino, nightclub, concert venue, festival, or special event.


The dynamic, funky presentation satiates longtime fans of the band while reaching out
to a new demographic that spans generations and musical tastes.
— Steven Ivory (Journalist, Simon & Schuster)

Yes, ma’am always a fan!
My crew banged your records relentlessly…
— Chuck D, Public Enemy

…Lit my stage up in San Diego… then burned the house down! One of the best
performances I have ever seen!
— Iceman LT (fan)